4-3mm 5052 Aluminium Body/Steel Stem Truss Head Rivet 25 pack

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The Bremick Aluminium Flange Head Rivet is highly versatile, and has a low applied cost. You only need to access one side of the work surface to apply blind rivets. The flange head is slightly rounded so that it can be used on thinner membranes. Aluminium spontaneously forms a thin but effective oxide layer that prevents further oxidation. This gives the rivet corrosion resistance.

Main Feature: Quick to install fixing with a slightly rounded head so that it can be used on thinner membranes such as sheet metal.

  • Aluminium provides corrosion resistance
  • Economical
  • Simple to install
  • Flange head spreads the loading forces allowing this rivet to be used on thinner membranes
  • Only need to access to one side of the work surface
Attribute Value
Product ID 4525703
Brand Bremick
Product Type Rivet
Diameter 1/8 in
Length 3/16 in
Head Type Truss
Body Material 5052 Aluminium
Stem Material Steel
Pack Size 25/Pack

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