140/12 12mm Galvanised Flat Wire Staple 648 pack

SKU: RS140121C

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The Rapid 140 Series Flat Wire Staples are ideal for use in staple guns or hammer tackers. The flat wire affords a larger holding area against the material being stapled. These staples are especially suitable for plastic and other non-fibrous materials. The staples have been hot dip galvanised for superior corrosion resistance and long-lasting utility.

Main Feature: Flat wire affords larger holding area against the material being stapled.

  • Rapid 140 Series
  • Hot dip galvanisation ensures superior corrosion protection
  • Made from quality wire
  • For use in staple guns and hammer tackers
  • Clamshell packaging
Attribute Value
SKU RS140121C
Product ID 4530866
Brand Rapid
Series 140 Series
Product Type Flat Wire Staple
Crown Width 10.6 mm
Leg Length 12 mm
Wire Thickness 1.3 mm
Material Steel
Finish Galvanised
Pack Size 648/Pack

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