90 x 45mm Galvanised Framing Stud Stiffener 8 pack


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The Lumberlok Framing Stud Stiffener has been designed to replace the strength lost in framing studs (90 mm x 45 mm) as a result of holes being drilled through timber framing for plumbing or vacuum systems ducting. This solution includes holes up to 60 mm in diameter. This product has been manufactured from galvanised steel providing superior corrosion resistance and long lasting utility.

Main Feature: Designed to re-strengthen framing studs as a result of holes being drilled.

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Galvanised steel ensures superior corrosion resistance
  • For plumbing or vacuum systems ducting through walls
  • Reinforces 90 mm x 45 mm timber studs back to full strength
  • Supplied with 4 x type 17 - 14g x 25 mm hex head screws for fixation
Attribute Value
Product ID 3542602
Brand Lumberlok
Product Type Framing Stud Stiffener
Diameter 45 mm
Length 90 mm
Material Galvanised Steel
Pack Size 8 Sets

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