85mm Stainless Steel Short Screw Tie 250 pack


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The Lumberlok Stainless Short Brick Tie is used to join the two leaves of a cavity wall together allowing the two parts to become one homogenous unit. Insufficient or poorly installed wall ties can lead to multiple structural issues such as damp penetration, masonry cracks, or even the collapse of the outer most masonry leaf. This tie has been manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel giving it superior corrosion resistance. This tie can be used in exterior applications where moisture may occur, including coastal zones. The Tek screws provided with this tie allow fixing with wood or steel framing.

Main Feature: Joins two leaves of a cavity wall together, adding to structural integrity and helping to prevent severe issues.

  • Stainless steel provides superior corrosion resistance
  • Short length for smaller cavity walls
  • Comes with screws to attach timber or metal framing
  • Fits a wide range of brick sizes
Attribute Value
Product ID 3542672
Brand Lumberlok
Product Type Screw Tie
Length 85 mm
Maximum Brick Length 70 mm
Maximum Cavity Length 50 mm
Material Galvanised Steel
Comes With Tek Screws
Pack Size 250/Pack

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