HammaHand 2.8 x 40mm Galvanised Round Head Coil Nail 3000 pack


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The Ecko HammaHand Ring Shank Wireless Coil Nail has a round head allowing for increased contact area when driving the nail into the substrate. These nails are designed to fix tile underlay sheets to wooden or particle floor boarding allowing tiles to then be laid over the top. A ring shank ensures a tight grip once fastened and increases holding power and proven to work best with soft wood. This product has been hot dip galvanised providing corrosion resistance and long lasting utility.

Main Feature: Corrosion resistant ring shank wireless coil nails with a round head.

  • 15 deg angle
  • Designed to be used with nail guns like the Ecko FC75
  • Round head allows for increased contact area when driving the nail into the substrate
  • Ring shank provides extra holding power
  • Hot dip galvanisation ensures corrosion resistance
Attribute Value
Product ID 3521203
Brand Ecko
Sub Brand HammaHand
Product Type Coil Nail
Diameter 2.8 mm
Length 40 mm
Head Type Round
Material Steel
Finish Hot Dip Galvanised
Shank Type Ring
Pack Size 3000/Pack

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