2kg Barbeque Fat Absorber

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The Gasmate Fat Absorber quickly and efficiently absorbs fat from the BBQ without any flare-ups. It is easy to dispose and does not form any caking. This 2 kg absorber comes in a bag. It does not form any vapours after use and also keep insects as well as flies away.

Main Feature: Absorbs fat quickly and effectively, while reducing flare-ups.

  • For absorbing fat from the meat
  • 100% natural
  • Absorbs fat quickly and effectively, while reducing flare-ups
  • No smells or vapours after use, thereby deters insects and flies
  • Non-caking and easy to dispose
  • 2 kg bag
  • Made in New Zealand
Attribute Value
Brand Gasmate
Product Type Fat Absorber
Weight 2 Kg

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