The professional's choice for all general framing and finishing applications. Paslode manufactures their nails and brads to the highest quality standards. The superior collation keeps the nails aligned and firing at speed. Paslode’s range of Cordless Impulse tools deliver maximum job site productivity - Reliability, Comfort and Performance.

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Paslode JoltFast

Paslode JoltFast is a new cordless system to fix timber weather board using small round head nails. It provides quicker installation times that deliver dramatic time savings. Three nail lengths are compatible with the JoltFast system, 65mm, 75mm & 90mm nails. A cladding guide helps installers quickly align the nails at equal distance from the bottom of the cladding edge.
Use in conjunction with Paslode’s Framemaster Powervent framer and No Mar Guide.

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Paslode DekFast

Paslode DekFast Nails are designed specifically for decking applications. DekFast Nails gives the look of a small round head nail and offers an aesthetic appearance when counter sunk into treated pine.
When driving DekFast Nails, we recommend using a No-Mar tip on your Impulse Nailer.

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