The Snappy Team are all based in Auckland in our offices at 150 Marua Road, Mt Wellington.


Michelle Kong, General Manager

Michelle’s the big boss at Snappy.  She spends a lot of time thinking about what our customers need and want, how Snappy can better serve them, and how to make it all happen faster and smarter.  Michelle also constantly plies the Snappy team with snacks, so they can all work faster and smarter too - thanks Michelle!


Nick Poninghouse, Head of Operations

Nick’s the one who keeps everything working at Snappy. He’s tasked with making sure customers get the best out of us by ensuring our systems and processes are fast, reliable and easy to deal with.


Jith Ravishankar, Head of Product

Jith is our product and tech guy. He’s the one who makes sure our website works just as supposed to, and he’s fanatical about making it easier and easier to use. Jith’s goal is to make Snappy a game changing way to do business for our customers. We think he just really likes saying ‘game changing’.


Sara Eichmann, Head of Marketing

Sara’s job is to make sure people know about Snappy and what we offer. This includes looking after advertising, events and sponsorships. It’s also her job to make sure we understand our customers, so we can work out how to best help.