ICCONS™ is an exciting new Australasian wholesaler dedicated to harnessing all their connections within the professional, construction and consumables fields to deliver great products at the best value.

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Top Picks from Iccons

Iccons Thunderbolt Pro

ICCONS® Thunderbolt®Pro is the latest high tensile Screw-in, Self-tapping concrete and masonry anchor for use in a wide range of materials used in the construction Industry. Installation is quick and easy, simply drill your hole and screw in the anchor.

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Iccons Strike™ Anchor

ICCONS® Strike™ anchor is suitable for solid base materials such as concrete, block (core filled), solid brick, or stone. This unique style anchor creates compressive forces against the wall of the hole as it is driven in, by the proprietary pre-expanded bend at the working end. The anchor is set by striking with a hammer until flush with the fixture material.
The Mushroom Head & Countersunk Strike™ are the choice for applications that require ease of installation, simple clean aesthetic look or even for tamper proof applications. The Tie wire Strike™ is the ideal choice for suspension of electrical cabling catenary wire, suspended ceilings and signage.

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