Snappy is moving! Expect delays in delivery until 25th June.


Where’s my order?

If you’re expecting an order and it’s not arrived yet you can do two things:

  1. Track the delivery of your order by clicking the link in the email we send you once your order has been dispatched. If your order is showing as delivered but you haven’t received it, let us know immediately by contacting us here

  2. If your parcel is overdue and you haven’t received it or we haven’t emailed you a tracking number yet, we need to sort it out for you. Get in touch with us here


I can’t find the products I want/need!

If there’s something that you’re after and we don’t stock it on Snappy, we want to know about it!  Email us on

We’re want to offer the best range available, so we’re always open to suggestions and requests.


I don’t live in Auckland. When will you deliver to my location?

We’re working on it! There’s a lot of logistics and planning involved to make sure we can deliver on time and cost efficiently, so at the moment we can only service Auckland. However we’re working on expanding into the rest of the North Island, and eventually the South Island.


Why can’t I phone you?

Our experience tells us we can provide better customer service if we’re not tied to a telephone. By using email we can be faster and more efficient, and make sure any communication is super clear.

That said, if there’s something that’s better resolved with a conversation we won’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give you a call.


Can I come and see the products you have?

Unfortunately we don’t have a showroom for all our products. Instead, we focus on giving you all the images and information we can on our website, so you can decide if it’s the product for you from the convenience of your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Contact us on if there is further information you need to make a decision.


Can I pick up my order from a physical location?

Depending what you ordered and when you want it, you may want to pick it up from our warehouse at 150 Marua Road, Mt Wellington.  This is strictly on a case-by-case basis so check with us first before you place your order.